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Early in 2013 a new nova was discovered in the constellation of Delphinus. It excited the astronomy world because it was the brightest nova in years and could be seen faintly with the naked eye at its brightest. Who would have guessed that later in the year another nova would be discovered that eclipsed the first in brightness! It was discovered by John Seach, NSW, Australia at the start of December 2013 and reached 3rd magnitude at its brightest! Situated in the constellation of Centaurus, it was only visible from the Southern Hemisphere.
Nova Centauri 2013 (=V1369 Cen), 03 Dec 2013
Nova Centauri 2013 (=V1369 Cen), 04 Dec 2013
A spectrum of Nova Centauri 2013 (=V1369 Cen), 04 Dec 2013
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