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"Our Next Observing Night TO BE CONFIRMED"

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Come along and join us and learn about telescopes, other equipment and our night sky. Anyone is welcome to come out and observe with us but remember to rug up as it can get chilly anytime of the year!




We get together once a month at the Porepunkah Airfield (directions further down page) for night sky viewing. We usually view on a Wednesday evening, straight after dark. We recommend that you get there before dark so that your car headlights don’t blind people using telescopes. Dates and times are posted on this website, our facebook page and emailed to members on our emailing list. We try to do most of our viewing in Moon-free skies so that faint objects such as galaxies and nebulae aren’t washed out by moonlight. However the Moon itself can be a wonderful telescopic target. Hence the dates and times of our meetings will change throughout the year. Meetings are weather-dependent of course and in the event of cloudy or rainy weather, the meeting is automatically cancelled. This usually involves postponement of the observing meeting till the following Friday or Wednesday, but check our website, facebook page or your email in case there are other arrangements. 



  Bring a telescope and/or binoculars if you have them. If you don’t have a telescope,
the club has an 8” dobsonian-mounted telescope that you can use. Other members will also be happy to show you things through their telescopes! White-light torches are not allowed on the observing field as they ruin night vision. Bring a red-light torch if you have one, or adapt a white-light torch by firmly fixing a couple of sheets of red cellophane to the end. Wear warm clothing, especially in winter when the temperature can drop to below zero! Even in summer it can get quite cool on the observing field.



The Porepunkah Airport is situated on the western side of the Buckland Valley Road,
about 3km south of the roundabout on the Great Alpine Road, Porepunkah.


Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Bright Astronomy Inc (Official Bright Astronomy Club Inc Group)

President Zachary Ph: 0438 863 739

Secretary Rob Email: [email protected]

Treasurer Sean Ph: 0411 797 714


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