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New Trailer

Over the last few months 2 members of the club have been secretly working on a small project under the cover of darkness. The project is now complete and we are excited to show you the finished product. The club now has a fully operational trailer to house and transport all of our gear. The trailer allows us to carry our 3 telescopes, books, DVDs, posters, chairs and other astronomical resources to meetings and outreach events without having to load up members vehicles. Many hours of work have been put into the trailer and we would like to thank the following businesses and community organizations for your assistance:

Serge - Crispy's Hardware for supplying the timber and hardware.
Jenny - Jackaroo Blue for supplying the posters and signage.
Ray Cox - Bright United Mens Shed (BUMS) for your assistance in the trailer modification.
Roy - VICSES Bright Unit for allowing the club to store the trailer at the your station.

Without your assistance the trailer project would still just be a dream. Thanks again.

If any member of the club, community or community organization would like to use any of the equipment please get in contact with the club either via our Facebook Page: Bright Astronomy Inc (Official Page) or email: [email protected] or via the contact information on this page.

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Facebook: Bright Astronomy Inc (Official Bright Astronomy Club Inc Group)

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